Daily Prompt: Cheat

Daily Prompt: Cheat

This morning, I checked my phone and saw that today’s word prompt on WordPress was “cheat”. I have never taken part in these word prompts as I usually have something to write about, but I have to admit, I’ve been running out of ideas lately. When I saw this word prompt, I knew I wouldn’t take part in it today as the word brings back some bad memories for me. However, throughout the day, I have been bombarded with reminders of this word, and I believe I am being called to write about this topic. So, I am giving in…haha!

The word “cheat” can refer to so many things – cheating on a test, cheating on taxes, cheating at a game. But for me, the word “cheat” brings back memories of a horrible time in my life – a time when I though my life was over. Almost five years ago, I found out that my spouse of almost twenty years was cheating on me.

Those few months right after I found out about the affair were some of the worst and most painful of my entire life. This man, who just months before the affair told me that I was the most wonderful wife in the world, was messing around with a co-worker. This is the same man who, for almost the entire length of the marriage, condemned anyone who stepped out on his/her spouse. This is also the same man who supposedly was a Christian and who clearly knew that infidelity was wrong.

I was stunned at his attempt to shirk responsibility for his actions. He blamed everyone else for his actions, including me. I have since learned all about narcissism and now realize that this played a role in how he failed to deal with his infidelity in a healthy manner. He refused counseling which is also a hallmark sign of narcissism. Through my own counseling, I began to realize that narcissism played a huge role in the demise of our marriage, but not just his narcissism. It was also quite prevalent in other members of his family as well – members that had a huge influence over the entire family dynamic.

I remember certain details about those terrible months. I remember how I found him at her townhouse ordering pizza on a Friday night. I remember walking up to the door and confronting him. I thought for sure that since I caught him, he would return home and talk to me about what had happened. I was, after all, his wife. I just caught him at another woman’s house. However, he didn’t return as I had expected. He didn’t come home for four hours. I remember crying myself to sleep. I remember waking up and looking at the clock, realizing he still wasn’t home, and knowing what was probably going on at her house. I remember feeling like someone was just stabbing right in my heart, feeling so sick to my stomach, and having a pounding headache. I remember never getting an apology for that behavior – instead all I heard were excuses and justifications.

I remember waking up one morning the week after finding out about the affair and walking down to the kitchen right after he left for work. The overwhelming scent of cologne just about knocked me down as I walked into the kitchen. It followed me throughout the house as I thought about the fact that he was probably with her on the train right at that moment – the train that took the two of them to work. He had never put on that much cologne before, but he was doing it for her.

I remember how thoughts haunted me day and night. What caused him to treat me like this? How could this happen? On those days when he left to play golf or go to the casino, was he with her? On the days he had to “work late”, was he with her? Did he lie to me the entire marriage? Did I ever truly know this person? Was she in my home when I was visiting my parents? A never ending stream of horrible confusion and terrorizing realizations kept me from sleeping for months.

I remember how, in a divorce support group at church, they described divorce as a “tearing of the flesh”. They explained that when a couple marries, God joins the two and they “become one”, so when a divorce occurs, it means that the two are being torn apart. Believe me, it felt like this. It was awful.

I remember how, within the time period of just about a month, he went from this loving husband who couldn’t seem to keep his hands off me to a complete stranger who didn’t seem to care about me at all. He didn’t care about all the hurt he was inflicting, not only on me, but my entire family. It didn’t seem to bother him one bit that he was walking out on almost twenty years of his life. It’s like he went to bed as one person and woke up as a complete stranger.

It was hell. A complete uprooting of everything I knew to be true. A time where I didn’t think I would make it. But I did make it, and I am so much better for it.

I went through years of counseling. In addition to learning all about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, I learned who I truly was – a knowledge of my own self. I realized that I had not been true to myself as I let others control what I did and thought. I became self-aware, and I learned to love myself and accept myself just as I am.

I also spent a lot of time with God – time in prayer, time in church, and time alone with Him. My spiritual life grew by leaps and bounds, and today I have the closest relationship of my life with God. I spend a lot of time reading the Bible and other spiritual books, and I have learned to lean on Him all the time, not just some of the time. But the biggest lesson of all is that I now know that He always has a plan for me – a purpose that at times I cannot see because of all the darkness on this earth. I thought I was surrounded by that darkness five years ago, but little did I know, the light was still shining. Today, I know that the light is always there no matter how bad the circumstances. God never leaves us.

Looking back to where I was five years ago, I can truly say that I am thankful that my husband had the affair. I actually want to thank him, believe it or not. If he hadn’t had the affair, I would still be stuck on a path that led nowhere. I do not believe in divorce, and I would have never left the marriage had he not had the affair. I have grown by leaps and bounds since the end of my marriage – emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

I remember several years ago when my therapist suggested that the affair might have been a blessing – a good thing because it allowed me to grow. In fact, my own grandmother made this same remark several years ago. I didn’t want to accept it at the time. I wasn’t ready. But today, I can truly say that some great changes have occurred as a result of that affair. I recall how it has been said that God can take bad things and turn them to good if you trust in Him. This is so true, and it certainly happened in my case. I truly believe that He reached down, yanked me out of a terrible situation, and placed me on solid ground where I could grow. God sees everything. I believe He gave me the “out” that I needed so I would be able to reach new heights. I wouldn’t be at this place today if I hadn’t been released from this marriage. Being in that marriage and family was truly holding me back from my destiny – a destiny full of hope and happiness. A destiny centered around the one true God. A destiny of true self-awareness.

Although bad things do happen in this life, hold onto hope. There is always a reason that is bigger than any of us, and most of the time we can’t see it at the time. You just have to trust. Hold onto the hand of God. Get a good counselor. God will get you through it and will bring you out on the other side in such a better place. He has bigger plans for you. All you have to do is trust in Him.

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Adenomyosis Fighters – new updates to website!

Hi, everyone! My adenomyosis website has recently been updated!

I am now a member of the Amazon Affiliates program, and I have included links to Amazon products that may help adenomyosis sufferers. These products include additional books on adenomyosis/endometriosis, healthy cleaning alternatives that don’t contain dangerous xenoestrogens, and better cosmetic products that don’t contain parabens or phthalates. You can click on these products on my page and they will bring you directly to Amazon where you can learn more about the product and purchase it if you desire to do so.

I will be updating this site in the future with additional products that may be helpful, so check back often!

Let me know if you would like to see additional information/product options, and I will do my best to accommodate those requests.

Thanks for all your support! Hope these tips/products will help all of you on your quest to deal with this incredibly painful disorder!

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My Take on the 2016 Presidential Election


Politics?? Me?? I swore I wouldn’t write about this election, and I try my best to stay out of politics as it is not my field of expertise or interest, to be honest. That’s just me. However, I decided to put in my two cents today because part of this election involves something that I do know a lot about – narcissism.

My closest friends and relatives know that I tend to lean to the right in politics. In fact, in my 20’s, you would never catch me voting for a Democrat. Now in my 50’s, my views have changed somewhat, and I consider myself more of a “middle of the road” person with tendencies toward the right for reasons that I won’t get into here. I have, however, voted for some Democrats in the past.

It should, therefore, be no surprise that I once supported Trump. However, over the past six months or so, my support has slowly waned, and I have to say that now, I do not intend to vote for him for President. I know this will surprise some of my closest friends and relatives. Having said that, I do not intend to vote for Hillary either. I don’t like either of them. If the election was held today, I would write-in someone else. I know that is a “throw-away” vote, but I have to vote my conscience. Why did my support for Trump change? Here’s my story:

I used to watch “Celebrity Apprentice” many years ago. I almost always agreed with Trump’s decision when he fired someone. I thought this guy had a lot of sense as things that he said in the decision room always made sense to me. Although some people who I know don’t think he is smart, I do actually think he is quite intelligent. Then I saw him several times on Fox News, and when he was interviewed, he made a lot of sense to me, and I agreed with his views. So, when he was nominated for President, I was OK with it. I really thought he would be a good candidate. But after the nomination, things changed.

First was the bleeding comment involving Megan Kelly of Fox News. I considered it to be quite distasteful, and I quickly noticed that instead of apologizing for his remarks, he made excuses for his comments.

Second was the cruel way in which he talked about a disabled person. This hit me hard as I have a sister who is disabled. I was angry about the way he made fun of this person, and I was even more angry that he never apologized for this disgraceful behavior.

Even though he did these things, I tried to look past it. Everyone makes mistakes, and I realize that, but what I couldn’t get past were the excuses and lack of apologies. Even so, I listened to his occasional speeches about how he is going to change the country.

I began to get really sick of him talking about how great he is and about how many jobs he has created. I wanted to hear details about how he would actually make America great again, but instead I just kept hearing about how great he is at everything he does. My opinion was really beginning to drop at this point.

As I saw how Trump referred to people in a derogatory manner when they didn’t agree with his views, I started to realize that this man was a true narcissist. One of the best examples of this was today’s report that he was going to take press privileges away from those reporters who write negatively about him.

Trump’s referral to Hillary Clinton as “Crooked Hillary” began to get under my skin, not because she is not crooked (she clearly has baggage and has made some pretty major errors while in political office), but because Trump is just as guilty! What about the controversy surrounding Trump University? During one of his interviews, he referred to this controversy as a “small civil suit” and made it sound like it was really no big deal. Maybe not to him as he has billions, but it is a major deal to all those who were taken advantage of in this controversial “school”.

Things really changed for me when I saw the Muslim couple who lost their son in war and told Trump that he didn’t know what it was like to sacrifice. An interview that Trump gave afterwards was pathetic. When asked about sacrifice, Trump said that he “sacrificed” when he paid for educational costs for his employees. The interviewer asked “Do you consider that sacrifice?”, and I am certainly glad he asked that question. Comparing sacrificing your own child in war to sacrificing a few thousand dollars when you have billions is absurd. Trump has no idea what the word “sacrifice” means.

Finally, today I heard that some of Trump’s team are trying to get him to watch his words. This has been reported for several weeks, but today I heard that Trump refuses to change. This sealed it for me. I’m out.

The reason that I felt the need to write this post is to explain to Americans that this man is a true narcissist. I urge you to learn more about narcissistic personality disorder before voting for Trump and then do what your conscience tells you to do. I lived in a highly narcissistic environment for close to twenty years, and this is not the type of person that we need to be running the United States. It could actually be dangerous. Here are a few facts:

  1. Narcissists never admit they are wrong. Have you heard Trump ever apologize for anything he’s ever done or said?
  2. Narcissists will always blame someone else for their problems. This is apparent today as Trump blames the media for his falling poll numbers. He also refers to people who don’t like him or his ideas in a derogatory manner – i.e. saying they are “weak”, “crooked”, or “rigged”. Have you ever heard Trump say something nice about someone who doesn’t agree with him?
  3. Narcissists don’t play by the same rules as everyone else. A great example of this is his constant reference to Hillary as “crooked Hillary”. Yes, Hillary has done things wrong – so much so that I won’t vote for her. But Trump has a history too – Trump University scandal, cheating on his wives, filing bankruptcy while making loads of money, refusing to release his tax information. Yet he refers to the Trump University scandal as “a small civil suit”. He doesn’t live by the same rules as what he expects of Hillary. In my own personal life, I dealt with this type of behavior for close to twenty years. They expect others to live by a certain standard, but if they mess up, it’s OK because they have a so-called “good” reason to not live by those same rules.
  4. Narcissists don’t change. They notoriously don’t go to counseling because they don’t believe they need help. They truly believe that everyone else is wrong, and they are always right. Trump has already said that he is not changing. If his staff is trying to get him to change his tune, it more than likely won’t work. In my own personal life, I asked the narcissist to get some counseling. This person went to one session and then quit, saying that counseling doesn’t work. The chances that Trump will change and calm down is nil.

Those that understand the concept of narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder see right through Trump, but the sad part of this is that most people are not knowledgeable about the specifics of narcissism. A few weeks ago, I had a book signing event at a local bookstore. An older man talked to me at length about narcissism as his mother was a narcissist and he had been in counseling for years learning about this personality disorder. At one point in the conversation, he said “I don’t know your views, but if Trump gets into office…” and he pointed to the word “narcissist” on my cover of my book, “Blinded by Deception: Life With a Narcissist”. My response was an emphatic “100 percent”.

So…as far as I am concerned, it will be a write-in vote for me this year. I think my physical therapist said it best:

“Of the millions of Americans in this country, this is the best we could do?? Really??”

Everyone in the room laughed.


Adenomyosis: Beth’s Story

I received a message last week on the Adenomyosis Fighter’s facebook page that was nothing short of amazing, and I wanted to share this information with all adenomyosis sufferers out there. Beth P., a nurse, shared some details of her struggle with this uterine disorder.

She read my book, Adenomyosis: A Significantly Neglected and Misunderstood Uterine Disorder, in one sitting. She told me that she cried when she read “For A Moment, Imagine The Pain” (see previous blog).

Beth struggled terribly while dealing with adenomyosis. She tells of her ordeal in her own words:

“I can remember fainting, hitting my head so hard on the elevator, my nursing school friend said it scared her. Or when at a winter retreat with my church youth group, freaking out because I had bright red blood and diarrhea with horrible pain, thinking I had bloody stools…Then there was the day, driving, I vomited out the window of my car, then stopped the car to lay down in the grass before I passed out. Another time, as I was laying in the grass outside my nursing class, a squirrel was staring me right in the face as I opened my eyes. I think it thought I was dead.”

Beth had her ovaries and tubes removed at the urging of her doctor because her CA125 level (a marker for ovarian cancer) was high, even though no abnormalities of her ovaries were identified through MRI. After learning about adenomyosis, she regrets this decision. She states:

“An NIH study revealed that in 55 women with adenomyosis diagnosed by hysterectomy, their CA125 was over 100 before their surgery.” Beth believes that her high CA125 was actually due to adenomyosis, not an abnormality of her ovaries.

The most interesting thing that Beth noted in her story is what happened during her last period after her surgery. This period was rough for her, so she decided to use a 25 mg progesterone suppository to help ease her symptoms. She was able to obtain this suppository because her husband is a physician. These suppositories are typically used on women who have threatened miscarriage. However, she tried this based on her research that adenomyosis is linked to estrogen dominance. About 15 minutes after inserting the suppository, her symptoms improved dramatically and the clotting stopped. The rest of her period was normal.

Estrogen dominance is discussed at length in my book, Adenomyosis: A Significantly Neglected and Misunderstood Uterine Disorder. In this condition, the ratio of progesterone to estrogen is low, meaning that there is not enough progesterone to counter the effects of estrogen. It is important to know that both estrogen and progesterone levels may be normal in this condition, but the ratio of progesterone to estrogen is abnormal. This ratio is the most telling number in this condition. The critical problem in hormone testing today is that this ratio is usually not calculated. Doctors typically only look at the estrogen and progesterone levels only. So, if you have a “normal” estrogen level and a “normal” progesterone level, they will tell you that you are fine. In reality, you may actually have estrogen dominance because the ratio is abnormal.

There is a very clear link between estrogen and the growth of adenomyotic tissue. Dr. John Lee is the pioneer in discovering estrogen dominance, and the fact that Beth had such a dramatic improvement in symptoms after using a progesterone suppository just emphasizes this important concept. When I first learned about estrogen dominance, I ordered hormone testing through Dr. Lee’s site, and I was shocked to learn that I was, in fact, estrogen dominant. The following were my levels (discussed at more length in my book):

Estrogen – 2.3 (normal is 1.3-3.3)

Progesterone – 154 (normal is 75-270)

Ratio of progesterone to estrogen – 67 (normal is 100-500)

As you can see, my estrogen and progesterone levels were in the normal range, but the ratio of progesterone to estrogen indicates that I do have estrogen dominance.

So what causes this imbalance of progesterone to estrogen? One big culprit is xenoestrogens. These are man-made chemicals that act as estrogen in the human body. Some examples include parabens and phthalates in cosmetics, pesticides, herbicides, petroleum products, some food dyes and preservatives, and plasticisers. Some of these products have actually been banned, but they don’t break down easily and are still present in the environment. It is impossible to completely avoid exposure to all xenoestrogens, but there are many ways to reduce your exposure.

For a much more detailed discussion on this topic, please check out my book, Adenomyosis: A Significantly Neglected and Misunderstood Uterine Disorder,  by Maria Yeager – available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Thanks so much to Beth P. for sharing her story! We both agree that hormone testing for estrogen dominance is of utmost importance in the accurate detection of adenomyosis.

I Am A Survivor…And You Can Be One Too!

You know, strength is not just physical. Someone can be physically strong but emotionally and mentally weak. I know people who fall in to this category. However, today I am going to talk about emotional and mental strength…something that is not recognized very often. Going through rough times make people beautiful by strengthening their resolve. You know you can rely on these individuals as nothing will bring them down. I have been through it myself, and I have persevered due to the love and help of God. I want you to know that you can persevere as well.

It’s been a while since I have written a blog, and there is good reason for that. I have been dealing with some medical issues again. After receiving some disturbing news yesterday regarding my health, I thought back on everything that I have been through in my life. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, so I decided to write this blog to let all those who are suffering know that there is always hope.

My health story begins in 1986 when I suddenly came down with an acute case of appendicitis. I was brought into emergency surgery in the middle of the night, and it turned out that my appendix had ruptured. I stayed in the hospital for six days and was told that I was lucky to be alive.

Around 1990, my whole ordeal with adenomyosis began. The severe pain and extremely heavy bleeding lasted for seventeen years before I was finally diagnosed at hysterectomy. You can read my other blogs for more details on my adenomyosis journey.

In 2009, I woke up and was unable to stand as my right leg gave out from underneath me. It turns out that I had a herniated disc in my lower back and a broken vertebrae. This led to my first spinal fusion. Five months after surgery, I learned that two of the screws broke, and I needed a second surgery.

In 2010, I had my second spinal fusion. Sadly, this fusion also failed, and a third surgery was done in 2012.

In between my second and third back surgeries, just by chance, I learned that I had a brain aneurysm. I had no symptoms. The aneurysm was picked up when I had a head CT scan that was needed prior to a CT myelogram for my back. I was stunned! I had surgery, and the doctor placed a coil and stent to block flow to the aneurysm. Thankfully, the aneurysm is now stable.

While recovering from the coil and stent surgery, I found out that my husband was having an affair. I was an emotional wreck as we had been married for almost twenty years. One month before my third back surgery, we separated and he moved out. We are now divorced.

After my third spinal fusion, my left hip began to hurt. I was unable to sleep on my left side at night. This was the beginning of hip bursitis which plagues me to this day. I get occasional cortisone injections to help ease the discomfort.

Although the third surgery resulted in a fusion (yay!), I still live with chronic daily pain in my lower back. The pain still sometimes radiates down my right leg. Not a day goes by now that I’m not is some degree of pain.

In the last year, I began to have severe upper back pain. An MRI showed four bulging discs in my neck along with a couple of pinched nerves. I haven’t had surgery for this yet. I decided to go to a pain management doctor, and I have had many shots – epidural, facet joint, medial branch nerve blocks, etc. These have all given me minimal relief, so my doctor suggested I try radio-frequency. This procedure deadens the nerves that go from the spinal cord to the brain which block the pain signals. I had this procedure done, but it deadened the feeling in the middle of my back while the pain continued in my shoulders and upper neck. I actually am in more pain now than before the procedure. Sigh…

In the meantime, I have had knee, shoulder, and ankle pain, and at times, my knee and hip lock up and give out. Since so many of my joints were hurting, my family doctor suggested I see a rheumatologist. On my first visit with the rheumatologist, they took eight tubes of blood from my arm.

Several weeks later, I had my follow-up. I was shocked to learn that I had a positive ANA test. This test detects autoantibodies which means that there is an autoimmune process of some sort occurring in my body. I couldn’t believe it. So, the doctor ordered more tests, and I had eight more tubes of blood drawn.

Last week, I had yet another follow-up with the rheumatologist. This time, the blood work showed that I had high levels of cardiolipin and beta-2 glycoprotein. This means that I have a clotting disorder! She told me to start taking an aspirin a day for now, and I have to repeat the blood work in several months to see if the levels are still elevated. If they are, I will be diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome.

The most shocking thing about antiphospholipid syndrome/high levels of cardiolipin and beta-2 glycoprotein has to do with pregnancy complications. Apparently high levels are associated with a high incidence of miscarriage. While I was married, there were times when I was quite sure I miscarried. Until now, I thought it was a result of adenomyosis, but now I wonder if these high levels played a role also. By the way, I have no children. I wish I had this information thirty years ago! It doesn’t really apply to me now as I have had a hysterectomy. However, these levels put me at an increased risk of stroke or heart attack, so I definitely need to address it, and the rheumatologist needs to keep an eye on it.

My rheumatologist believes that my aches and pains may be due to fibromyalgia, and I have been put on Lyrica. So, for now, I live with chronic pain…pain in my lower back, pain in my upper back, pain in my shoulders, pain in my hip, and sporadic pain in my knees and ankles. I hope the Lyrica will help.

So…I know what it is like to hurt physically. I know what it is like to hurt emotionally. I know. I get it. I’ve been at that place where you think there is no way things are going to work out. I’ve been at that place where I ask God, “Why me?” But I’ve made it this far with God’s help, so I know I will make it in the future. No matter how bad things get, you will make it. Ask God for His hand, and He will guide you. With His help, you can move mountains. Nothing is impossible with God!


God is Holding Our Hand – A Message of Hope

This morning, I woke up to pain in my hip, leg, shoulder, and neck. This is a regular occurrence for me now. This pain has been happening for years, but I wrote it off for a long time as a result of either stress, bad posture, or side effects of my back surgeries (I’ve had three spinal fusions). Recently, the pain has become almost intolerable at times, and I began to notice that it was affecting too many of my joints to just write it off anymore. I decided to visit a rheumatologist after my family physician recommended it.

After my first visit, I had eight tubes of blood drawn from my arm. Yes – eight! To my shock, some of the results came back abnormal, one of them being the ANA test. This tests looks for autoantibodies in the body, and if it is positive, it means that there may be an autoimmune disorder present.

I went back for a second visit, and eight more tubes of blood were taken from my arm. So, I’ve had sixteen tubes of blood drawn in the course of about a month. These new tests are more specific tests for an array of autoimmune diseases, one of which is lupus. I don’t have the results yet but should get them by the end of this week.

So…back to this morning. I woke up in pain. It is really hard to get up out of bed with a smile on my face when I feel pain all over my body from the moment I open my eyes. Today was a struggle, so I picked up my the Bible on my dresser – the Catholic Women’s Devotional Bible. Before opening it, I sat down in a chair, closed my eyes and prayed.

I first praised God for allowing Jesus to die on the cross for me, and then I asked for forgiveness of my sins. I then became a little emotional asking him for help to get through the day. Suddenly, I felt the strong sensation that Jesus was by my side trying to comfort me. I sat in silence for a few moments and then just poured my struggles out to Him. I told Him that I just wanted some peace. I felt Him say to me, “Hold out your hand.” I know that may sound strange to some people, but I felt like he wanted me to hold out my hand so that He could just hold my hand. I didn’t understand this, but I did what I felt like He wanted me to do. Right at that moment, my cat, who is quite stand-offish, came up to me, rubbed repeatedly against my foot and purred really loud. This was unusual behavior for her, and I just wondered if she could sense something. Anyway, I petted her, and then closed my eyes again. I told Jesus that I always feel like He speaks to me through His Word, so I asked Him to help me to open my Bible to what He wanted me to read today.

Well, I opened it to Lamentations 3. As I read it, I was so comforted. Here are a few verses that really struck me today:

“He has made my flesh and my skin waste away, and broken my bones; he has besieged and enveloped me with bitterness and tribulation….he has put heavy chains on me…” Lamentations 3: 4-5, 7 (NRSV)

“The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul that seeks him…It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord…to sit alone in silence when the Lord has imposed it.” Lamentations 3:25, 28 (NRSV)

“I called on your name, O Lord, from the depths of the pit; you heard my plea, ‘Do not close your ear to my cry for help, but give me relief!’ You came near when I called on you; you said ‘Do not fear’!” Lamentations 3:55-57 (NRSV). This verse in particular comforted me because I went through probably the roughest time in my life back in 2012. I literally cried out to Him many, many times, and He brought me through that terrible time to a much better place. I was reminded of this as I read this passage, and I knew that even though I am hurting, He will bring me through it just as He has done in the past.

But the most amazing thing that I saw after I read these passages in Lamentations was the title of the devotional on that same page – “God, Hold My Hand”! Right as I saw it, I felt like Jesus was smiling at me, and I was stunned! This devotional was written by Barbara Vogel and talks about a very tough time in her life. However, she found comfort in Lamentations 3. She states at the end of her devotional:

“Lamentations 3 has indeed been the very hand of God holding ours.”

No matter how bad things are in our lives – physical, mental or emotional pain – God is ALWAYS by our side. Even when things seem disastrous, just hold onto God’s hand – He will get you through it. Trust in Him!

“When all the prisoners of the land are crushed under foot, when human rights are perverted in the presence of the Most High, when one’s case is subverted – does the Lord not see it?” Lamentations 3:34-36 (NRSV)

*Devotional by Barbara Vogel taken from The Catholic Women’s Devotional Bible (NRSV), (1989), Zondervan, pg. 1084.